David Greenwood

David Greenwood was born on a Schooner sailing the Indian Ocean, near the St. Lucia Wetlands of South Africa. His father, a highly respected Colonel of the British Army, took him to explore the world until he reached the age of eighteen. He grew up in places such as Johannesburg, Cairo, Lima, Moscow and Brussels. From a very early age, David made detailed illustrations of the energetic world that surrounded him and of the many powerful moments of humanity that he witnessed. Having grown up with films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Apocalypse Now and There Will Be Blood, he developed an unquenchable thirst for filmmaking. He committed himself to be a genuine storyteller and a fervent observer of mankind. His sense of detail is visible to this day in his elaborate conceptual art for film and advertisement. His work can be described as story-driven with a distinctive visual style, combined with a keen eye for subtlety and underlying emotions. Whilst in constant search of the grace in realism, he puts the highest standards onto himself and onto his work.